The story behind Raw Material

The process of making Raw Material took start way back in early 2009. Most of the material came up from grooves presented by Bjorn for the band during 2009-2010.
All the tracks are live studio recording meaning that all bass, drums and guitar was shot live during a recording session.
Mrs Hippie and Marten Trotzigs dance of decades where also recorded the same way. First track completed was “Subway” followed by “Road less travelled” as the second one.
“Mrs Hippe” and “Marten Trotigz” followed by “Traveller” and finally “Vision of thoughts”.
Vocal parts was done by Leif on Mrs Hippie! On the “Road less travelled” and “Vision of thought” the distorted voice was made by Bjorn.
There is a theme throughout the album about following the rhythm wherever it takes you through time and places.
The speech read by Bjorn is also on present on the inner sleeve of the CD.