therhythmisodd was a progressive rock/fusion group from Stockholm, Sweden between 2006 - 2014. Maybe future will tell if more is expected. Some material is still to be released. Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions or showing curiosity in terms of music, shows etc.

“Great disc to stick in the car if you wanna’ swerve wildly through traffic and smash into other vehicles. Has big grunt, works good loud”
— Wayside music

“This “teaser” clocks in at nearly 14 minutes of driving, aggressive prog rock that should give anyone who thinks “Rush playing covers of Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes” sounds like it might be a good idea. Like Rush, they’re a trio of guitar/bass/drums, and also like Rush, each of them is a zen master of his instrument. But they aren’t called The Rhythm Is Odd for nothing … they seem totally unwilling to play in 4/4 time, or anything else remotely “danceable”. OK by me.”
— Fred Trafton, Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive rock review of Subway

“After many listens to “Subway,” I can honestly that the track is amazing, and fits my musical tastes perfectly. The musicianship is top-notch, and I love the pounding bass…very reminiscent of John Wetton-era King Crimson. The bellowed vocals add a nice human feel to the track. The guitar is wild, reminding me of Robert Fripp-meets-Frank Zappa-meets-Tim Smith-meets-Jimi Hendrix. Jazz-fusion is one of my favorite genres, and that is very present in “Subway.” And I definitely can’t forget the powerful drums, bringing to mind Billy Cobham and Bill Bruford with a slight modern feel. The mid-section is great and sounds a bit like improvisation, which I love. I love how you guys manage to keep such a strong groove going for over 13 minutes; very nice indeed! Even the production quality is pretty good here. Congratulations on such a powerful piece of music!”
— Jordan Bolen

“From Nowhere to Eternity is an unabashedly unconstrained debut from a group that takes a retro vibe and updates it for the new millennium. ”
— John Kelmann, Abstractlogix

“”This is a pure unadulterated balls-to-the-wall, throw-the- hammer-down guitar driven sound supplemented by an awesome rhythm section. Highly recommended.””
— ken Golden, The Laser’s Edge

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